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Mary Nordell Frazier Partridge

headshot of Mary Nordell Frazier Partridge from 1999 photo at Assisteens Ball
Mary Nordell Frazier
[Feb 1919 - Feb 2009]
Leland 'Lee' Frazier
[? to 2009]

headshot of Uncle Bob Partridge, 2014
Robert G. 'Bob' Partridge
[May 1923 - July 2019]

The Third Generation (Cousins)
headshot of Marilee Frazier Caswell in 2014
Marilee Frazier Caswell
[b. February 1945]
her job

married [] to

name here

Scott Frazier

married [] to

Alice Winther Frazier

photo of David Frazier in Puerto Rico
David B. Frazier

married [] to

Diane ... Frazier

Friends of The Family

The Williams Family
Susan Williams

exchange student Odile Briand from France

Tony the cocker spaniel

The Fourth Generation

James Morgan Frazier {son of David} [b. Jan 1993]

headshot of Josh Frazier
Joshua Leland 'Josh' Frazier
{son of Scott)

is married [] to


headshot of Laurel Kohl Frazier
Laurel Kohl Frazier

owners at Leland Sonoma Fly Fishing Ranch [est. 1985, purchased 1998] in Sonoma, California

'Little Lee' [] {deceased son of Marilee}

Nicholas Scott Frazier (son of Scott) [b. March 1994]
now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark
got married in Norway in July 2017
to Rébecca Éloïse ?? Frazier

Sophia Frazier (daughter of Scott) [b. August 1999]

Troy Kirsten Frazier (daughter of David) [b. April 1983]
married [2009?] Justin Elkin

Zachary David Frazier {son of David} [b. Nov 1985]
President at Atlantic International, LLC in Boulder, Colorado and Old Mexico
married to Teresa Halvorssen Frazier

The Fifth Generation

Cole (sp?) Frazier {daughter of Joshua}

Elle Mary (sp?) Frazier {daughter of Joshua}

Madison Leif Elkin-Frazier {daughter of Troy & Justin Elkin}  
[b. July 2015]

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