The Nordell Family

of Sweden & Minnesota & California

This website is a continuation of the Nordell Family Reunion held at Asilomar State Park, on Monterey Bay
in California on July 31 to August 2 in 2009. Thirty-two members attended, from four generations.

First Generation  ★   Second Generation  ★   Third Generation  ★   Fourth Generation
Fifth Generation  ★   Sixth Generation  ★   Seventh Generation  ★   Distant Relatives

group shot of everybody at the 2009 Asilomar Nordell Family Reunion: Uncle Bob + 10 cousins (of 13) + 9 fourth generation (of 23 ) + 11 fifth generation and Jim's friend Margaret

The First Generation
headshot of Carl Aaron Nordell from 1947 Christmas photo
{Grandpa} Carl Aaron Nordell
headshot Sigrid Alena Ericson Nordell from 1947 Christmas photo
{Grandma} Sigrid Alena Ericson Nordell

The Second Generation (Aunts & Uncles)

L-R: Mary, Ed, Carl, Grandma Nordell, Gerry

Uncle Ed Branch

Ed Nordell headshot, at birthday in July 1985
Edward Everett Nordell
[July 1916 - Jan 1991]

[Dec 1942 - Jan 1991]

Kathryn Isabelle 'Kay' Sledge Nordell
[Feb 1922 - July 2004]

Aunt Mary Branch

headshot of Mary Nordell Frazier Partridge from 1999 photo at Assisteens Ball
Mary Nordell Frazier
[Feb 1919 - Feb 2009]

married [] to

Leland 'Lee' Frazier

married [-2009] to

headshot of Uncle Bob Partridge, 2014
Robert G. 'Bob' Partridge
[May 1923 - July 2019]

Aunt Gerry Branch

headshot of Geraldine Nordell Brooks at the farm in New York
Geraldine Nordell Brooks
[April 1920 - April 2005]

[June 1942 - April 2005]

official U.S.A.F. portrait of General Allison C. Brooks
Gen. Allison C. Brooks
[June 1917 - Dec 2006]

Uncle Carl Branch

headshot of Carl D. Nordell from 1976 photo at Tim's wedding
Carl Daniel Nordell
[Feb 1925 - Sept 2004]

[June 1950 - April 1991]

headshot of Angie Nordell from 1976 photo at Tim's wedding
Angelina Elizabeth 'Angie'
Moutinho Nordell
[March 1929 - April 1991]

The Third Generation (Cousins)
Gary E. Nordell headshot, taken at Balboa Pier in December 2004
Gary Edward 'G.E.' Nordell
[b. June 1944]
his main website
his philosophy website
his detective novels website
his blog

married [1984-86] to

detail of formal portrait of Erin Ann & Gary Nordell in 1985
Erin Ann Troupe
Hulsman Nordell Sheldon
[July 1954 - Jan 2014]

headshot of Marilee Frazier, detail from Asilomar 2009
Marilee Frazier Caswell
[b. February 1945]
her job

married [] to

name here

Leland Scott Frazier

married [] to

Alice Winther Frazier
[b. February]

recent headshot of James C. Brooks (from employer website)
James Cochran 'Jim' Brooks
[b. January]
his job

married [1975-2005] to

Susan Brooks headshot, 2015
Susan Mittermeier Brooks
[b. March]
official website
R.P.V. City Council homepage
R.P.V. City Council Facebook page

photo of David Frazier in Puerto Rico
David B. Frazier

married [] to

Diane Frazier
[b. November]

Tom Nordell in front to the chimney at Ocean Drive house, circa 1985
Thomas Carl Nordell
[Feb 1946 - June 2006]

married [] to

Carol Turnipseed Nordell
[b. July 1945]

headshot of Richard S. Nordell wearing a tuxedo
Richard Sledge Nordell
[Feb 1947 - Jan 2015]

married [1968-2015] to

Donna Sue Lewis Nordell
[b. September 1950]


photo of Kris Brooks Joyce
Kris M. Brooks Joyce
[b. 1949]

married [January 1987] to

photo of Patrick Joyce
Patrick D. Joyce
[b. 1953]

Carleen Elizabeth Nordell Purchio
[b. August 1951]

married [November 1981] to

James J. 'Jim' Purchio
[b. January 1952]

Timothy John 'Tim' Nordell
[Feb 1952 - Aug 2013]

married [1976-1978] to
Debbie ... Nordell

married [1981-2003] to
Connie ... Nordell [d. 2003]


portrait of Melissa Nordell (detail)
Melissa Nordell
[b. May 1954]

married [1978-81] to

headshot of Michael Wood from 1980 Christmas photo
Michael Wood

headshot of John Brooks, detail from Emily's wedding in 2006
John S. Brooks
his job

married [March 1977] to

headshot of Elaine Emery Brooks
Elaine Emery Brooks

headshot of JoAnn Nordell Fernandez
JoAnn Marie Nordell
Chambers Fernandez

married [] to
Darryl Ray Chambers

married [March 1998] to

headshot of Tony Fernandez
Antonio 'Tony' Fernandez

The Fourth Generation

Aaron Cochran Brooks {son of Jim}
married [] to Rebecca

Angelina Elizabeth 'Angie' Purchio {daughter of Carleen}

Christian Anthony Fernandez {son of JoAnn}

David Michael Brooks {son of John}
married [July 2009] to Amy Siems Brooks

Deena Louise Nordell Smith {daughter of Rich}
married [June 1992] to Brian Smith

{daughter of Kris - removed for privacy concerns}

Emily Renee Brooks McCalib {daughter of John}
married [August 2006] to Andy McCalib

Garrett Anthony Purchio {son of Carleen}

James Morgan Frazier {son of David}

Janelle Marie Chambers {daughter of JoAnn}

Jessica Marie 'Jessie' Purchio {daughter of Carleen}

Joni Nordell Elias {daughter of Tom}
married [December 2007] to Robert 'Bob' Elias

Joshua Leland 'Josh' Frazier {son of Scott) married Laurel Kohl Frazier

Justin Fernandez {son of JoAnn} married Laura McVay Fernandez

Kayla Demetria Fernandez {daughter of JoAnn}

Lisa Marie Nordell Santoy {daughter of Tim)
married [2002] to USAF Master Sgt. Juan Santoy

Meredith Alena Brooks {daughter of Jim}

Michael B. Joyce {son of Kris}
married [October 2014] to Anna Joyce

Morgan Samuel Wood {son of Melissa}
married [May 2007] to Diandra Lewallen Wood

Nicholas Scott Frazier {son of Scott}
got married in Norway in August 2017

Richard James 'R.J.' Nordell {son of Rich}
married [April 1999] to Sandy DeVillers Nordell

Scott Anthony 'Darryl' Chambers {son of JoAnn}

Sophia Frazier {daughter of Scott}

Troy Kirsten Frazier Elkin {daughter of David Frazier}
married [2009?] to Justin Elkin

Zachary David Frazier {son of David}

The Fifth Generation

Alexander Tiberius Brooks {son of David & Amy Brooks}
[b. February 2015]

archery ace Allyssia Noelle 'Ally' Nordell {daughter of R.J.}
[b. September 2003]

Ayla Raven Santoy {daughter of Lisa & Juan}
[b. September 2014]

Charlize Justyne Lewallen Wood {step-daughter of Morgan}
[b. August 2003]

Cole (sp?) Frazier {daughter of Joshua}

Corbin James Wood {son of Morgan}
[b. June 2008]

Devon Andrew Nordell {son of R.J.}
[b. November 1999]

Dylan Smith {son of Deena}
[b. September 2000]

Elle Mary (sp?) {daughter of Joshua}

Ian David McCalib {son of Emily}
[b. November 2009]

Luke Cochran Brooks {son of Aaron}
[b. August 2013]

Madison Leif Elkin-Frazier {daughter of Troy & Justin}
[b. July 2015]

Roland Apollos Brooks {son of David & Amy}
[b. April 2017]

Rosamund Allison 'Rosie' McCalib {daughter of Emily}
[b. September 2012]

Terra Reign Santoy {daughter of Lisa}
[b. December 2012]

Tiffany Amber DeVillers {step-daughter of R.J.}
[b. October 1994]

The Sixth Generation

The Seventh Generation

Distant Relatives, A to Z

folk musician Adam Nordell of Helena, Montana

Amanda Nordell, acupuncturist in Dublin, Ireland

singer-musician Anna Nordell {aka Anorah} of Sweden
official website {broken?}Wikipedia

filmmaker Austin Nordell, based in Los Angeles area {IMDb}

Carl Nordell is in school at Hyper Island, Karlskrona, Sweden

painter Carl J. Nordell [1885-1957]
official websiteentry at AskArt

Denise Nordell works at C.S.U. Stanislaus in Turlock, California

storyteller Elizabeth Nordell {Perrault} & family in Duluth, Minnesota

Eric & Anne Nordell at Beech Grove Farm in Pennsylvania
article "Weed The Soil, Not The Crop: Organic Farming Works" {as .PDF file}
article about organic farmers Anne & Eric Nordell on University of Vermont website

Erin B. Nordell is partner at Tolzmann & Nordell LLP, Attorneys in Minneapolis, MN

Geoff Nordell owns the Whitefriar Grill restaurant [est. 9/2011], 16 Aungier Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Swedish-language blog of folksinger Gisella Nordell

community activist Hilda Nordell in Yuma County, Arizona

writer Jessica D. Nordell (of Slate, Salon & other places)

Joan Nordell Fellowship at Harvard's Houghton Library

photographer John Nordell lives in Western Massachusetts

historian John R. Nordell, Jr. of Old Forge, PA

Facebook page of educator Katherine Nordell of Bellevue, WA

Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies [est. 1978]
honoring Katherine Nordell Lloyd []

architect Leonard Nordell of El Paso, Texas
is partner at Moore Nordell Kroeger Architects, Inc.
wife Nancy & son/college golfer Davis McLean Nordell

graphic artist Lindsay Nordell is based in Brooklyn, NY

Margaret Nordell, MD of Minot, ND

Melissa Nordell-Earp in Des Moines, Iowa

photographer Olle Nordell in Stockholm, Sweden

Peter Nordell, recent graduate in industrial design from A.C.C.D.
Peter Nordell is owner of NextSlide Imaging [est. 2007] in Gates Mills, Ohio
Peter Nordell is pres/CEO at Edlund Company, LLC in Burlington, Vermont
engineer Peter Nordell of Gothenburg, Sweden
Peter Nordell works for Antenn Consulting AB in Norrkoping, Sweden

Robyn Nordell of Orange County, California

{Hans} Roderick Nordell, was Editor [1948-93] at Christian Science Monitor

Scott Nordell, Fidelity National Title Insurance in Sacramento California

software engineer Tim Nordell works at Logic PD in Minneapolis, MN

project manager Veronika Nordell works at P.R.C. Engineering AB in Göteborg, Sweden

software engineer Viktor Nordell of Hanstavägen, Kista, Sweden

100+ listings at Geni genealogical site

People with Shared Names
there is another Gary Nordell in Mooresville, Indiana
there is a Wm. Gary Nordell in Mount Shasta, California
there is a Carleen Purchio in Blythe, California

Companies Named Nordell

F.M. Nordell Gourmet Pickles [est. 2006] of Stillwater, Minnesota

Nordell Alloy & Machine, Inc. of Bedford, Ohio

Nordell Design Build [est. 2006]
based in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada; operated by Cassandra Nordell & Patrick MacLean

Nordell Electric in Worthington, Minnesota

Ola Nordell Motor Sports in Simsbury, CT

Products Named Nordell
Dow Chemical makes NORDEL™ IP Hydrocarbon Rubber

Geographical References
Nordell Avenue, Castro Valley, California 94546 {named after Grandpa Nordell}

Nordell Avenue, Gascoyne, North Dakota 58653
Nordell Court, Florissant (Black Jack), Missouri 63033
Nordell Dam in Williams County, North Dakota
Nordell Drive, Jackson, Mississippi 39206
Nordell Park subdivision (at Nordhoff Street & Haskell Avenue), North Hills, CA 91343
Nordell Place, Patterson, California 95363
Nordell Street, Camballin, West Australia 6728
Nordell Street, Darlington, South Carolina 29540
Nordell Street, Jacksonville, North Carolina 28540
Nordell Way, Sacramento, California 95833

Nordel Annex retail/office building in Surrey, British Columbia

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