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Geraldine Nordell Brooks Branch

Geraldine Nordell Brooks at the farm in New York
Geraldine Nordell Brooks
[April 1920 - April 2005]
[June 1942 - April 2005]
official U.S.A.F. portrait of General Allison C. Brooks
Maj. Gen. Allison C. Brooks
[June 1917 - Dec 2006]

entry at Wikipedia

The Third Generation (Cousins)

recent headshot of James C. Brooks (from employer website)
James Cochran 'Jim' Brooks
his employer

married [1974-2004] to

Susan Brooks headshot, 2015
Susan Mittermeier Brooks
official website
R.P.V. City Council homepage
R.P.V. City Council Facebook page

headshot photo of Kris Brooks Joyce
Kris M. Brooks Joyce
[b. 1949]
Systems Engineer
at Northrop Grumman
{ retired 2017 }

married [January 1987] to

headshot photo of Patrick Joyce
Patrick D. Joyce [b. 1953]
Licensing Manager at
Northrop Grumman
{ retired 2017 }

headshot photo of John Brooks, detail from Asilomar 2009
John S. Brooks
[b. 1954]
his job

married [March 1977] to

headshot photo of Elaine M. ... Brooks
Elaine Emery Brooks

[b. 1953]

The Fourth Generation

Aaron Cochran Brooks
{son of Jim}

married [] to

Rebekah Gentry Brooks

David Brooks and Amy at their wedding in 2009
David Michael Brooks
(son of John}

married [July 2009] to

Amy Siems Brooks

{daughter of Kris -
removed for
privacy concerns}

headshot of Emily Brooks McCalib 9/2013 alt=
Emily Renee Brooks McCalib
(daughter of John}
[b. Dec 1979]

married [August 2006] to

Andy McCalib

Meredith Alena Brooks
{daughter of Jim}
[b. Sept 1982]
headshot of Michael Joyce, son of Kris & Patrick
Michael B. Joyce
{son of Kris}
[b. 1987]

married [October 2014] to

Anna ... Joyce

they live in the Chicago area (2016)

The Fifth Generation

Alexander Tiberius Brooks
{son of David & Amy}
{grandson of John & Elaine}
born 14 February 2015

Allison Brooks
{son of Aaron & Rebecca}
{grandson of James & Susan}
born 2016

headshot of Ian McCalib, 9/2013
Ian David McCalib
{son of Emily & Andy}
{grandson of John & Elaine}
born 5 November 2009
headshot of Luke Brooks in hospital on 17 August 2013
Luke Cochran Brooks
{son of Aaron & Rebecca}
{grandson of James & Susan}
born 15 August 2013
headshot of Rosie McCalib, 9/2013
Rosamund Allison 'Rosie' McCalib
{daughter of Emily & Andy}
{granddaughter of John & Elaine}
born 6 September 2012

Roland Apollos Brooks
{son of David & Amy}
{grandson of John & Elaine}
born April 2017

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