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Ed Nordell Branch

Ed Nordell headshot, at birthday in July 1985
Edward Everett Nordell
[July 1916 - Jan 1991]

served in the
U.S.A.A.F. First Motion Picture Unit
during World War II
[Dec 1942 - Jan 1991]
Kathryn Isabelle Sledge Nordell
[Feb 1922 - July 2004]

The Third Generation (Cousins)

Gary E. Nordell headshot, taken at Balboa Pier in December 2004
Gary Edward Nordell
[b. June 1944]
his main website
his philosophy website
his detective novels website
his blog

married [1984-86] to

detail of formal portrait of Erin Ann & Gary Nordell in 1985
Erin Ann Troupe
Hulsman Nordell Sheldon
[July 1954 - January 2014]

Tom Nordell in front to the chimney at Ocean Drive house, circa 1985
Thomas Carl 'Tom' Nordell
[Feb 1946 - June 2006]

married [] to

Carol Turnipseed Nordell
[b. July 1945]

headshot of Richard S. Nordell wearing a tuxedo
Richard Sledge 'Rick' Nordell
[Feb 1947 - Jan 2015]

married [1968-2015] to

Donna Sue Lewis Nordell
[b. September 1950]

portrait of Melissa Nordell (detail)
Melissa Nordell
[b. May 1954]
blog posts at 'God Reports' blog

married [1978-81] to

headshot of Michael Wood from 1980 Christmas photo
Michael Wood

The Fourth Generation

Deena Louise Nordell Smith (daughter of Rich} [b. Nov 1971]
her employer

married [June 1992] to

(James) Brian Smith [b. Nov 1964]

Brian Smith's two boys Dustin & Colton
son Dylan Garrett Smith [b. Sept 2000]

Joni Nordell Elias {daughter of Tom} [b. March 1965]

married [December 2007] to Robert 'Bob' Elias

Morgan Samuel Wood (son of Melissa) [b. January 1980]
his employer (since 7/2017)

married [May 2007] to

Diandra Lewallen Wood [b. February 1980]
her MySpace page

Richard James 'R.J.' Nordell {son of Rich} [b. Nov 1969]
his employer

married [April 1999] Sandy Lynn Schoenborn Devillers Nordell

The Fifth Generation

Allyssia Noelle 'Ally' Nordell {daughter of R.J.} [b. Sept 2003]

Charlize Justyne Lewallen Wood {step-daughter of Morgan} [b. August 2003]

Corbin James Wood {son of Morgan} [b. June 2008]

Devon Andrew Nordell {son of R.J.} [b. Nov 1999]

Dylan Garrett Smith {son of Deena} [b. Sept 2000]

Tiffany Amber Devillers {step-daughter of R.J.} [b. Oct 1994]

The Sixth Generation

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