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Carl Nordell Branch

headshot of Carl D. Nordell from 1976 photo at Tim's wedding
Carl Daniel Nordell
[Feb 1925 - Sept 2004]
(3 June 1950 - April 1991)
         headshot of Angie Nordell from 1976 photo at Tim's wedding
Angelina Elizabeth 'Angie'
Moutinho Nordell
[March 1929 - April 1991]

The Third Generation (Cousins)
Carleen Elizabeth Nordell Purchio
[b. August 1951]

[November 1981]

James J. 'Jim' Purchio
[b. January 1952]

Timothy John 'Tim' Nordell
[February 1952 - August 2013]

married [1976-1978] to
Debbie ... Nordell

married [1981-2003] to
Connie ... Nordell [d. 2003]

headshot of JoAnn Nordell Fernandez
JoAnn Marie Nordell
Chambers Fernandez
[b. August 1960]

married [] to
Darryl Ray Chambers
[b. August 1963]

[March 1998]

headshot of Tony Fernandez
Antonio 'Tony' Fernandez
[b. October 1965]

The Fourth Generation

headshot of Angie Purchio from high school 2009
Angelina Elizabeth
'Angie' Purchio
{daughter of Carleen}
[b. January 1992]
headshot of Christian Anthony Fernandez, with his dog 'Fiona'
Christian Anthony Fernandez
{son of JoAnn}
[b. June 2001]
headshot of Garrett Purchio from college graduation 2009
Garrett Anthony Purchio
{son of Carleen}
[b. May 1987]
headshot of Janelle Marie Chambers
Janelle Marie Chambers
{daughter of JoAnn}
[b. January 1990]
headshot of Jessie Purchio from high school 2008
Jessica Marie
'Jessie' Purchio
{daughter of Carleen}
[b. September 1990]

Justin Fernandez
{son of JoAnn}

is married to
Laura McVay Fernandez

headshot of Kayla Demetria Fernandez
Kayla Demetria 'KayKay' Fernandez
{daughter of JoAnn}
[b. October 1997]
Lisa Marie Nordell Santoy & husband MSgt Juan Santoy
Lisa Marie
Nordell Santoy
{daughter of Tim}
[b. April 1982]
married [1/2002] to
USAF Master Sgt.
Juan Santoy
stationed at
Bitberg, Germany (2017)
headshot of Scott Anthony 'Scotty' Chambers
Scott Anthony
'Scotty' Chambers
{son of JoAnn}
[b. January 1989]

The Fifth Generation

Terra Reign Santoy {daughter of Lisa & Juan}
[b. December 2012]

Ayla Raven Santoy {daughter of Lisa & Juan}
[b. September 2014]

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